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What do kites eat?

It's well known that Red Kites don't usually take live prey but prefer to take carrion - clearing up unfortunate animals that have been killed along the roads, for example. However, this story from a Fineshade resident suggests that one at least might be partial to the odd bit of fruit in its diet.

It all started with a broken freezer...!!

Barefoot and bleary eyed I came downstairs in desperate need of caffeine.

As something squelched between my toes I looked down and was rather relieved to find that the 'fluids' were dripping to the floor from the freezer. I hastily told the dog she was a good girl because stewed plums feel very similar to a dog related episode I once had, but we won't go into that.

Anyway, on closer inspection the fruit freezer had decided that 25 years was old enough..!

To cut a long story short I soon filled the bird table with the sticky mass of gooseberries, plums and blackberries and nipped off into the wood with the spaniel for a wander.

As usual the Crows and Jackdaws were soon feasting with relish but quickly scattered as 'A7 ' swooped in for a taste. I pulled my trusty camera out and was rewarded with a wonderful sight of this magnificent bird thoroughly enjoying the fruits of summer.

Once again we are indebted to Derek Holman for providing us with the history of this Red Kite. Derek writes:

Nice to know a vegetarian kite exists!

White/Red A7 was ringed at Apethorpe TL0195 on 05/06/2012 and has not been recorded in the field by the team since then. Just makes me wonder how many tagged kites are never recorded.

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