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Other wildlife

There are many other types of wildlife in Fineshade, for example:​

  • Lichens and mosses

  • Spiders

  • Grasses

  • Snails and slugs

  • Ferns

If you have expertise or enthusiasm we would be delighted to publish details or pictures here.

Right is the lichen parmelia sulcata growing on an old apple tree in the Fineshade Orchard.

The strange growths on the left are the emerging stems of Great Horsetail. There is a large patch of this primitive plant in a very damp area of Far Miers. It can be seen near the public footpath leading from King's Cliffe to Fineshade Abbey, just where the path enters the wood.

Below are two types of fern that grow on the old railway bridge near Britain Sale.


On the left is Hart's Tongue and on the right Maidenhair Spleenwort.

Below are two slime moulds. Firstly the very pretty sight of Badhamia utricularis growing on a mossy fallen log above the stream - it seems to have no common English name. The second is certain not pretty - the aptly named Dog's Sick Slime Mould, Mucilago crustacea

Badhamia utricularis (Slime Mould) Fineshade wood
Dogs Sick Slime Mould Fineshade Wood
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