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Friends of Fineshade is a loose association of individuals who appreciate the qualities that make
this a unique location.



We are indebted to Mark Ayres of Kings Cliffe for volunteering extensive help and advice in the creation and maintenance of this website. Trading as Splash Web Mark is a Search Marketing freelancer, providing Wix and WordPress web development and maintenance, plus SEO consulting services.

Logo representing Fineshade's veteran Ash tree by Richard Galpin

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We will not share your email address with anyone else, under any circumstances. You will be able to unsubscribe from the list at any time.

Very many thanks also to the following Friends who have contributed in various ways to this website:


  • Lea Arden, Fineshade

  • Marion Ashby, Peterborough

  • Alex and Clare Ashington, Cheshire

  • Mark Avery, Raunds

  • George Batchelor, Suffolk

  • Sue Benjamin, formerly of Tixover

  • Jeff Blincow, Northants

  • Cherry annd Jess Bonney, Easton-on-the-Hill

  • Bob Bullock, former Northants Bird Recorder

  • Ken Davies, Folksworth, near Peterborough

  • Roger Eads, Northants

  • Peter Eeles, editor of dispar

  • Richard Eckton, Cheshire

  • Trish and Barrie Galpin, Fineshade

  • Richard Galpin, London

  • Douglas Goddard, former Northants Butterfly Recorder

  • Shenagh and Paul Hackett, Fineshade

  • Simon Haigh, artist

  • Mark Hammond, Northants Moth recorder

  • Kurt and Lee Hellwing, photographers, Stamford

  • Derek Holman, Corby

  • Daegan Inward, Forest Research Entomologist

  • John Isherwood, Fineshade

  • Martin Izzard, Butterfly Conservation, Rushden

  • Anna Jordan, Norfolk Ant Recorder

  • Brian Laney, Plant and Reptile Recorder Northants

  • Caroline Lloyd, Devon

  • Robert Meadows, Kings Cliffe

  • Jandy Photography, Stamford

  • Lynda Peirce, Fineshade

  • Phil Richardson, Northants Mammals Recorder

  • John Rogers, Oakham

  • Niall Rudd, Fineshade 

  • Matthew Rumbelow, Barrowden

  • Peter Scott, Oakham

  • John Showers, Diptera recorder Northants

  • James Smith, Buckinghamshire

  • Simon Sparkes

  • Terry Tew, photographer, Corby

  • Mark Tyrrell, Northants Dragonfly Recorder

  • Tony Vials, Rushden

  • Rita Walsh, Derbyshire

  • Linda Worrall, Barrowden

Fineshade Wood Fritillary
Fineshade Wood Red Kite
Fineshade Wood dormouse
Fineshade Wood
Fineshade Wood
Fineshade Wood
Fineshade Wood
Fineshade Wood
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