Fineshade's Moths

Moths have been studied in detail in Fineshade Wood for many years, including by means of a Rothampsted trap, which ran almost every night during the years 1993 to 2002.  As a result many more species of moths have been recorded here than of the other families of wildlife.

Undoubtedly the most important nationally is the Concolorous moth - which warrants a whole web-page of its own - but other rarities include the Festoon, Mere Wainscot and Square-spotted Clay. 


A new species was recorded in a garden at Top Lodge in July 2017 - the amazing Hummingbird Hawk-moth was seen hovering and feeding on Valerian. Another addition to the Fineshade list, a Frosted Green, came to a light in April 2018.


In the summers of 2017-20 during many nights of trapping in Westhay Wood for the Back from the Brink project, volunteer Ron Follows caught another 90 new species, including several that are nationally scarce or locally rare.  The most spectacular of these was the Clifden Nonpareil (see photo below). This brings Fineshade's moth-species count up to 852, making it probably the top site in Northamptonshire for recorded species richness.

You may download a file listing all 852 species of moths that had been recorded in Fineshade to the end of 2020.

We are very grateful to Mark Hammond, Northamptonshire Moth Recorder, for providing the basis for this species list in early 2020

Leopard Moth

Privet Hawk-moth

Poplar Hawk-moth

Beautiful Golden Y

Scorched Wing

Buff Ermine

Large Emerald

Merveille du Jour

Small Phoenix

Burnished Brass

Caterpillar of the Puss Moth

Ruby Tiger Moth

Clifden Nonpareil

Silver Y - day-time flyer

Tree-lichen Beauty,  a rare migrant. Photo: Ron Follows

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