Rockingham Forest Vision 

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Friends of Fineshade are pleased to be in active discussion with:

  • Natural England,

  • the Welland Rivers Trust,

  • the Wildife Trust BCN,

  • the River Nene Regional Park,

  • the Forestry Commission,

  • Forestry England,

  • the Royal Forestry Society,

  • North Northamptonshire Council,

  • Butterfly Conservation, 

  • KIngscliffe Wildplaces,

  • ARG UK,

  • Hazel Woodland Products,

and others, in order to build a partnership to restore Rockingham Forest.


This vision relates particularly to the Natural England document published in October 2020 

"Building Partnerships for Nature’s Recovery

A steering group of Friends of Fineshade has been formed to move the vision forward.
The current members of the group are Adam Cade, Chris French, Barrie Galpin, Corinne Muir and Jeremy Purseglove. They can be contacted via this email link.

We aim to:

  • encourage and support the establishment of a funded Nature Recovery Network in the northern part of Rockingham Forest;

  • work with partner organisations and landowners to connect the core remaining forested areas with enriched bio-diverse landscapes;

  • connect local communities to the forest's natural and cultural heritage, raising its profile as a nationally significant forested landscape.

A questionnaire

In order to gain funding to help create a Nature Recovery Network we will need evidence to show that there is already community interest and support.  This questionnaire is a first step - so please, if you live, work or play in Rockingham Forest, please take a few minutes to provide us with useful data.  

Questions include:

where do you live? how do you use the forest now? which parts of the forest have you visited? which events might interest you?

Responses can be anonymous or there's a chance to join a mailing list if you wish.

Only one sixth of the area is now woodland - what's the rest?
In 2018 this vision was set out for Rockingham Forest.
Typical landscapes of the area now ....

Rockingham Forest Vision:

landscapes for the future, inspired by the past

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