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Alex’s half-term adventures

Alex comes to Fineshade every year with his family for a sort-of working holiday. We are really grateful to Alex and his mum, Clare, for telling us what they got up to this year.

Alex's blog

My week at Fineshade was ace; me and my family all enjoy most things about Fineshade. The activities are wombling, bike rides, den building and I had my picture taken with the Gruffalo.

Wombling? - see here!

Where to start - well when I say wombling I mean me and the other wombles were helping the oak trees grow by cutting down other trees to give light and space for the oaks. This might sound easy but it was so hard because there was only about five wombles and the more trees we cut up the more trees came down (my uncle Paul with the chain saw!)

The skills loops are the best thing because I don't get out on my bike too much back in Ellesmere Port so I get my bike out and go very very fast downhill. People looking at this who have been in the woods will agree with me because they are well cool!

Also the forest is the best place ever because I really like Bear Grylls and I always love making dens. Every year I build a den and every year they get better.

The Gruffalo is amazing but I miss the trail a lot and I hope to see it back soon.

There was also a nice swim in Corby pool which I really enjoyed but unfortunately there was a big accident on the A43 at Fineshade which stopped all the traffic.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.


Clare's blog

It's year 23 and we have been back to Fineshade for our recuperation therapy once again.

As usual we have participated in many of our usual routine activities such as pig feeding, gruffallo hunting, cycling in the forest and skills loops and working in the forest with a group of dedicated people (wombles) ... all because we could.

While we have had the luxury of the fantastic wildlife to watch and on occasion make us laugh, we have also met some great people, lucky us.

There was a small downside to our visit on Thursday when we returned home from swimming at Corby as there had been a nasty multiple car crash on the A43 and we had to walk back past the terrible yet predicted accident.

We have got to go home today, so goodbye and see you next year.

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