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Wildlife Diary 

For over two years we published a regular diary  that reported on the wildlife that could be seen in Fineshade at that time of the year,
Below is a list of the diary entries that were published  between January 2016 and June 2018. Click on the icon of the relevant month to read the diary entry.

Fineshade wood Yellow Archangel
Fineshade Wood Spurge Laurel
Fineshade Wood Palmate Newt
Fineshade Wood Bee Orchid
Fineshade Wood Teasel
Fineshade Wood Hornet
Fineshade Wood Bullfinch
Fineshade Wood Toad
February 2016      >>>  

2nd February: It’s a raptor fest.                  Kites and other birds of prey

15th February: Joy for travellers.               Old Man’s Beard

22nd February: Confusing Tits.                  Marsh Tit and Willow Tit

29th February: Two confusing names.       Spurge Laurel & Green Shieldbug

March 2016           >>>  

7 Mar: What’s going on down there?         Badgers

14 Mar: No trouble with lichens.                Lichens

21 Mar: The screamer of the wood.           Jays

28 Mar: Spring arrived before the storm.   Chiffchaff & Yellow Star of Bethlehem           


April 2016              >>>  

3 Apr: The flight of the bumblebee.            Bumblebees

10 Apr: Good newt news.                          Palmate Newt

18 Apr: Here come the migrants.               Willow Warbler & Blackcap

25 Apr: The cruellest month?                     Cowslips & False Oxlips


May 2016               >>>  

2 May: Frightened and out of its skin.         Adder

9 May: Strange croaks and tweets.           Woodcock

16 May: The oak and the embattled Ash.  Trees

23 May: Westhay – the regrowth begins.  Flowers and shrubs

20 May: two more white flowers.               Woodruff & Ramsons


June 2016             >>>  

6 Jun: Many bees and an unusual insect  Honey bees & Scarce Chaser

12 Jun: Bees do it.                                     Tree Bumblebees

17 Jun: The MP and the Orchid.                Bee Orchid

28 Jun: Lizard skins and toes.                   Common Lizard


July 2016               >>>  

3 Jul:  Two unusual insects.                       A Longhorn Beetle & a Hoverfly

8 Jul: Crossbills and cranesbills.               Common Crossbill & Meadow Cranesbill

13 Jul: Glow-worm, Long-eared Owls and dragonflies.

17 Jul: Butterfly walk.                                 White-letter Hairstreak & Marbled White

21 Jul: An unusual hoverfly.                       Volucella inflate

30 Jul: What’s coming up in Westhay.       Common Cudweed & Lesser Centaury


August 2016         >>>  

1 Aug: Two Ravens.                                  Raven

5 Aug: Another rare beetle.                       Red Longhorn Beetle

7 Aug: Twice girdled teasels.                     Common Teasel

9 Aug: Now a rare migrant.                        Spotted Flycatcher

14 Aug: Scarce plants.                              Yew, Round-leaved Fluellen, Trailing St. John’s Wort

26 Aug: Seed dispersal                              Woolly Thistle & Lords and Ladies


September 2016   >>>  

2 Sep: Another probable Dormouse nest. Dormice

6 Sep: Secretive bird of prey breeding.     Hobby

11 Sep: A giant caterpillar.                         Privet Hawk-moth

16 Sep: In search of Belladonna.              Deadly Nightshade

24 Sep: A curious fungus.                         Shaggy Bracket fungus


October 2016        >>>  

10 Oct: Shaggy Inkcaps and a furry dormouse.

22 Oct: Winter thrushes.                            Fieldfare & Redwing

28 Oct: A buzz in the wood pile.                European Hornet

31 Oct: Some remarkable fungi.                Fly Agaric and Magpie Inkcap


November 2016    >>>  

2 Nov: More new arrivals.                          Brambling, Siskin and Redpoll

5 Nov: A slimy mess on the grass.            Dog’s Sick Slime Mould

13 Nov: Even more agaric.                        Fly Agaric

27 Nov. Stump Puffball, Bracket fungus, Common Funnel, Bonnet Mushroom


December 2016    >>>  

1 Dec: How many fewer Woodcock?         Woodcock

10 Dec: Spendid Crossbills.                      Common Crossbill

19 Dec: Snowberries                                 Snowberry

31 Dec: Mammals at the hide.                   Fox & Bank Vole

January 2017      >>>  

3 Jan: Buds not flowers                           New Year Plant Hunt

12 Jan: Hatchet to crack a nut.                Nuthatch
22 Jan: A mid-winter delight.                   Small Teasel

27 Jan: Seen from the wildlife hide.        Bullfinches

February 2017    >>>  

1 Feb: Snowdrops.                                  Snowdrops
8 Feb: Scarlet signs of spring.                 Scarlet Elfcaps
13  Feb: Exotic residents.                        Mandarin

26 Feb: After the storm.                           Fallen trees and dead wood

March 2017         >>>  

4 Mar: Catkins in spring                           Hazel and Alder
13 Mar: More signs of spring                   Chiffchaff, Adder, Butterflies

18 Mar: Toads crossing                           Toads

23 Mar: Anything about?                         Birds this month

28 Mar: A living fossil in the Miers           Great Horsetail  

April 2017            >>>  

8 Apr: Abundance of flowers                   Cherry, Wood Anemone, False Oxlip

14 Apr: Crossbills probably bred             Common Crossbill

20 Apr: An oak in spring                          Oak

24 Apr: Its bluebell time                           Bluebells

May 2017             >>>  

1 May: Which elm is Wych?                    Wych and English Elm      

9 May: The smell of Yellow Archangel     Yellow Archangel

11 May: Not Berkeley Square                  Nightingale

18 May: The importance of Dormice       Dormouse

24 May: Westhay's wide rides                 Bugle, Wild Service Tree

30 May: Cockchafer or May Bug             Cockchafer

June 2017           >>>  

6 June Look out for orchids and beetles Cardinal Beetle

8 June Look or for Bee Orchids               Bee Orchids

13 June A significant moth                      Concolorous moth

July 2017            >>>  

4 July How many butterflies this month? Silver-washed Fritillary

6 July Food for free                                  Wild Blackcurrants

10 July More rare beetles                        Red Longhorn Beetle

17 July Hundreds of tiny flowers              Lesser Centaury

30 July 24 species of butterfly                 Clouded Yellow, Brown Argus

August 2017       >>>  

1st Aug: Spotted Flycatchers

8th Aug: More special moths.                  Birch Mocha and Coronet

14th Aug: A Hobby at the hide

22nd Aug: Angelica and Hoverflies

September 2017    >>>  

1 Sept: Fineshade's ants

9 Sept: Seen at the Hide.                       Kingfisher, kite and hornets

16 Sept: Colourful berries                      Black Bryony and Snowberry

23 Sept: Dog's Sick Slime Mould

October 2017      >>>  

1 Oct: Fineshade Fungi                         Magpie, Shaggy, Pleated Inkcaps

5 Oct: Raptor at the Hide                       Sparrowhawk

9 Oct: Anyone for a Penny Bun?           Boletus edulis

13 Oct: Historical fungi records             M.J.Berkeley

23 Oct: Three birds in flight                   Buzzard, Jay, Green Woodpecker

27 Oct: Deer at the Hide                       Fallow Deer

November 2017      >>>  

3 Nov: On the brink of winter                Hazel catkins

7 Nov: Woodcock Moon                       Woodcock

13 Nov: Recording Sorbus torminalis   Wild Service Tree

17 Nov: Fungi at the tree house           Magpie Inkcap

December 2017      >>>  

1 Dec: Daylight encounter                    Badger 

Fineshade Wood hairstreak
Fineshade Wood Hobby
Fineshade Wood Fallow deer buck
January 2018        >>>  

2 Jan: Fungus first for Northants          Iced Cake or Yellow Porecrust

26 Jan: What a stinker!                         Stinking Hellebore

February 2018      >>>  

6 Feb: Great start for survey                 Willow Tit

13 Feb: Looking closely at Moss           Mosses

26 Fen: The return of the Hawfinch       Hawfinch

March 2018         >>>  

10 Mar: After the snow                          Absence of small birds

16 Mar: Spring warms up                      Adders and early flowers

April 2018           >>>  

7 Apr: More signs of spring                 

9 Apr: Planning a spider survey            Spiders

14 Apr: Return of the Ranger                Otters

24 Apr: Another new moth                    Frosted Green

May 2018           >>>  

5 May: Praising Bluebells                 

10 May:  Animal, vegetable or slimemould?

June 2018           >>>  

1 Jun: What is a "new species"?           Biological recording          

19 Jun:  Wood Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher

27 Jun:  Purple Emperor butterfly

Fineshade Wood Yellow Porecrust
Fineshade Wood Orb Weaver Spider
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