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Messages for the Forestry Commission

During the summer of 2017 staff at the FC Central District carried out an exercise to identify potential opportunities for Forest Holidays sites in their district, which includes Fineshade. This could have meant an end to the threat that has hung over Fineshade for years, souring relations between the community and the FC.
Here are some messages we hoped they would bear in mind.
What would you like to tell them?

As the Labour candidate for Corby, I fully support Friends of Fineshade’s opposition to plans for holiday development. The Forestry Commission should withdraw the threat once and for all.

Beth Miller

Fineshade Wood is now on Natural England's list of possible sites for future designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Therefore it has no potential as a site for holiday cabins.

Barrie Galpin, Fineshade

Fineshade Wood is designated as ancient woodland as well as a county wildlife site.


Have a look at

Maybe the FC could follow their own guidance?


There are very few woodlands of the quality of Fineshade with the wealth of scarce-and-getting scarcer butterfly species: we owe it to our children to give this wood maximum protection from development.

Nigel Webb, Langham, Rutland

With so much violence and barbarism in our lives today the sheer joy of walking peacefully in the undiluted beauty of Fineshade is unsurpassed.

Michael Peacock, Duddington

It's very encouraging to see the wealth of support for the local biodiversity at Fineshade Wood and the Friends of Fineshade group should be congratulated for their amazing efforts in fighting off the recent plans for development. With the Back from the Brink Project just around the corner we could make Fineshade Wood an even more important site for local wildlife and one which will hopefully be secured for many future generations to enjoy.

David James
Northants Butterfly Recorder

Fineshade's peaceful woodland would be ruined by a Forest Holidays site - vehicles, hot tubs, cabins, noise, lights, roads, events, a sewage plant. 
Please Forestry Commission do not destroy this!

Denise Bell and family, Buxton

Our rambling group often visits Fineshade. If the woods are violated we'll stop coming.

The Bright Sparks 

The problem, as elsewhere is Natural England’s inability to give good advice, early on, for spectacular sites like this, that are overlooked for SSSI/SAC status. There is a systems failure in NE and FC  that needs a national review. This area should never have gone forward for recreational use and has wasted huge resources.

Tom Langton, Ecologist

Fineshade was incorrectly designated in the first place as being suitable for commercial development. The list of sites is being reviewed again this summer, meaning that the threat of development could be lifted once and for all, which would be fantastic news for Fineshade and our local area - something I wholeheartedly support.

if I am re-elected as MP, I hope to meet urgently with the Friends of Fineshade to discuss these latest developments, before requesting a meeting with the Forestry Commission to reaffirm the concerns raised, and to try and inform their decision-making process.

Tom Pursglove, Conservative

This ancient woodland should be maintained and managed in such a way as to assist in the re-introduction of the Chequered Skipper and other key species.
This special area should NOT be on any list for potential development.


Martin Izzard B.E.M,
Secretary of Beds and Northants Butterfly Conservation

The Forestry Commission should be proud of the rich flora they have been creating in Fineshade Wood. It includes 7 species of orchid, the rare Wild Service Tree and 8 flowering plants on the Northants Rare Plant Register. This is certainly not the place to build a holiday camp. Celebrate the biodiversity - don’t destroy it! 

George Batchelor, Suffolk

Went for a midnight walk around the woods last night, no torch, just the moonlight and my dog for company... 

Muntjac barking, Fallow Deer moving through the woods, young Tawny Owl making its presence known, Glow Worms, the sound of the Grasshopper Warbler, cool summer nights breeze through the tops of the trees and the shadows that the full moon was casting.... all very beautiful.

Please FC don't ruin this place by building a holiday camp

Lea Arden, born in Fineshade

I've been visiting Fineshade for more than 50 years, more latterly with children and grandchildren. This is a beautiful, tranquil location rich in flora and fauna and a real asset to the area. More and more we are hearing that wild places are vital for our physical and mental health and I am sure that its visitors return to their homes feeling revitalised from their contact with the great outdoors.

Linda Moore

I visit Fineshade every day since 1998, with my children and grandchildren and I love the peace and quiet and I am horrified to think of a holiday village spoiling the habit.

               Mary Hall.Stamford 

5000 more reasons not to develop Fineshade! That's the number of people who have now signed the petition to oppose Forest Privatisation by the back door.


The 5000 come from all walks of life and the full range of political persuasions.  Forestry Commission should not risk losing these people's support. Leave Fineshade woods to the day visitors and leave the night time to the forest dwelling fauna. Say No to Forest Holidays.

Paul Hackett, Fineshade

Fineshade Wood has good populations of all 4 native reptile species. Any future development would have a knock on effect with these populations. More reptile records are coming in all the time meaning Fineshade Woods is one of the best sites in Northants to see our reptile species.

Brian Laney,

Northants Reptile and Amphibian recorder

We wholly support the woodland being considered for SSSI status and would encourage the Forestry Commission to listen to local residents' concerns about any future development there.

Woodland Trust

It is early morning and I am enjoying my usual run through Fineshade Woods. There is a Red Kite lazily flying in front of me; the only sound I can hear is the cacophony of bird song; the only smells are the fragrance of grasses and wild flowers. It isn’t hard to understand why this is an area of tranquillity.


This will all change if holiday homes with all the expected ancillary services are allowed to come here. With two other Forest Holiday sites within an hour and a half’s drive from Fineshade why not keep these woods for the hundreds of people who already come here to enjoy the woodland and the natural environment. Please Forestry Commission, protect the public forest for all and not just for those who can afford to pay for expensive holidays. 


Shenagh Hackett

Parish Councillor

How much of Rockingham Forest is going to be left for future generations? Once it's gone it's gone!!! Preservation not eradication. #SaveFineshade 

Michelle Chalke, Rushden

As Liberal Democrat candidate for Corby I fully support Friends of Fineshade’s opposition to plans for holiday development. The Forestry Commission should withdraw the threat once and for all. 

Chris Stanbra

Fineshade's part of a new "Area of Tranquillity" - you can't build a holiday camp here

This is precious Public Forest - our land. It must not be exploited for private gain.

Ruth and Ernie Cragg

Forestry Commission: we want to work with you and the Back from the Brink project to preserve and enhance Fineshade Wood. Please don't threaten it any more

Frequent visitor, Barrowden

We already have a tourist caravan site in Yarwell and planning has been granted for Jacks Green. Both of these sites are near Kings Cliffe. Must we give up what's left of our treasured quiet countryside for tourism? Local people will not benefit, but no doubt a few people will make a lot of money.

Linda G, Nassington

There are very few woodlands of the quality of Fineshade with the wealth of scarce-and-getting scarcer butterfly species: we owe it to our children to give this wood maximum protection from development.

Nigel Webb, Langham, Rutland

As a regular visitor to Fineshade Woods I am horrified to think of a holiday village spoiling the habitat

Gill Walsh, Peak District

There is no chance of Forest Holidays getting support from the local community, so no chance of a successful planning application. And the result would be further damage to the Commission's reputation.

Time to see sense and take Fineshade off the list. 

Fineshade resident

This development will ruin this oasis of tranquility not to mention the habitat of significant species of flora and fauna. No doubt it's greedy developers at work again who do not live in the area and give not a jot about the countryside. The Forestry Commission should be ashamed. We already have the Caravan Club site so NO MORE Please. We do not want our woodland covered in Log Cabins.

A Cambridge

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