Augean Public Consultation

Please express your views to Augean on their planned extension to the hazardous waste site at the far north-east corner of Fineshade Wood
Consultation extended 

In an email to Councillor Annabel de Capell Brooke on January 8th Augean made it clear that they will continue to accept and consider late submissions to the consultation.


All documents can be downloaded from the Augean website here:

The 20-page Non-Technical Summary includes maps.

The full report, the Preliminary Environmental Information Report or PEIR runs to 218 pages, plus extra appendices and figures.

There is also an online poster exhibition (which seems to takes ages to download)

4 easy ways to respond...

You can:

Email conventionally to: 

(you can use attachments)


Write a letter to ENRMF Project Office,
52 The Tannery, Lawrence St, York. YO10 5WH

Pick up the phone, talk to a real person and tell her what you think. 01904 654989

Send an email by clicking on the blue box here and filling in the online form

But remember...

This stage of the consultation is "pre-application".  You will be asking Augean to change their mind, or change the details or carry out more surveys. They are legally bound to record what you've said and to present your comments if they decide to go ahead with the plan as it stands at the moment.

If that happens the Planning Inspectorate will run their own consultation and you'll get your chance to submit your comments again.

So keep a record for future use!
The woods should be reconnected now,
not severed by Augean for decades

We are saying:

  • This is the wrong location for an extension to the landfill site.


  • Augean should be using their opportunity to connect the two species-rich woodlands now, not to separate them by deep pits and steel fences

  • The disconnection would create a significant biodiversity loss

  • The proposed restoration plans look good, but it won't come about until 2046, by which time it will be too late for threatened species.

  • There is an alternative: the fields to the south of the existing site, need to be properly assessed.

Augean south not west.jpg
        Existing site which will be restored by 2026.
         Augean's proposed extension, completion by 2046
         An alternative extension that should be considered
This field should be used to connect the two woods, not as a place to bury radioactive waste